Parma offers convenient and diverse transportation options for visitors to explore its beautiful city center and beyond. While entry by car into the city center is limited, the well-organized transport infrastructure ensures seamless travel.


Tourists love strolling through Parma’s charming city center, where major attractions are located. The medieval alleyways and streets add to the city’s allure, making walking a delightful experience. Take your time to meander through the tiny streets and lanes, discovering hidden gems along the way.

Parma boasts an extensive bus network that covers practically the entire city. At almost every bus stop, you’ll find a map displaying routes and schedules. Buses run at regular intervals of 10-15 minutes, providing a reliable mode of transport. For easy navigation, you can use Google Maps, which supports public transport directions within the city. Remember, a bus ticket costs €1.60 and is valid for 80 minutes. Each time you board a bus or switch between routes, remember to validate your ticket or to wave your card again.

Bicycle or scooter
Cycling is a highly popular and efficient way to explore Parma. The city offers dedicated cycling paths, making it easy and enjoyable to see the sights on two wheels.

You can rent a bicycle from “La cicletteria di Parma,” conveniently located outside the train station. To rent, you’ll need to provide a document as a deposit. The prices are as follows: €5 for a 2-hour rental, €15 for a full day, and discounts are available for longer rental periods. The rental point operates on specific hours, so plan your rental accordingly.

Alternatively, there are other sharing services offering both bikes and scooters:

    • Parma Bike Sharing, offering bikes that can be picked up and returned at any of their docking stations scattered all around Parma city center
    • TIER, offering dockless bikes and scooters

By utilizing these convenient transportation options, you can navigate Parma effortlessly and make the most of your visit to this enchanting city.