Are you a student passionate about biomedical sciences? Do you feel that the academic landscape in Italy and other Southern European nations presents unique challenges and opportunities? We hear you, and that’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the very first International student Congress on Clinical Innovation and Medical Sciences (ICOCIMS) in Italy, a pioneering initiative set to transform the way students in the region experience and engage with the field of biomedicine.

Distinct in its nature, ICOCIMS is not just another student conference; it’s a pivotal juncture for students hailing from Southern Europe, and countries facing similar educational dynamics, to come together and redefine their academic journey. ICOCIMS is strategically located in the heart of the Southern European region, acknowledging the unique dynamics and perspectives that shape education and career trajectories in these areas.

Why, you might ask, do we need yet another student biomedical congress? The answer is simple yet profound. Southern European students traverse a distinct academic landscape, one characterized by well-defined paths predominantly geared towards local and national prospects. While exchange programs like Erasmus+ provide fleeting glimpses of international exposure, they often lack consistency across various institutions, leaving students yearning for more substantial engagement on a global scale.

ICOCIMS aims to bridge this gap by providing an unparalleled platform for students to explore a myriad of possibilities and career pathways within the biomedical realm. By participating in or attending this international-level scientific event, students will be exposed to cutting-edge research, novel discoveries, and groundbreaking advancements that transcend geographical boundaries. It’s not just about attending lectures; it’s about fostering a holistic understanding of the biomedical landscape, connecting with peers from diverse backgrounds, and forging lasting relationships with mentors and experts who can guide you towards success.

So, join us as we embark on this transformative journey. Embrace the opportunity to break free from conventional molds and delve into a world of boundless prospects. The International student Congress on Clinical Innovation and Medical Sciences (ICOCIMS) will be more than an event: a catalyst for change, a beacon of innovation, and a springboard for your aspirations. Be part of history in the making, and together, let’s chart a new course for biomedical education in Southern Europe and beyond.

The ICOCIMS Founders,
Parma, June 2023